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Posted on October 19 2016

The right hair product can make or break a fantastic haircut.

For so long, I picked up the most cost effective hair duo without considering what would be the best for MY hair type. I always knew my hair felt significantly different after being done professionally at a salon, and knew I wanted to have salon hair everyday.  The issues with my hair were all about the product.  Your shampoo and conditioner are super important, they help you prep for styling, and maintain health and strength in your hair. 

My friend recently told me about Living Proof hair products after I spent 20 minutes telling her how amazing her hair looked and SMELLED. Oh the smell... a product that also works as a perfume? Sign me up.  As if it was possible to be more in love, the science behind the products are simply amazing.  Their scientists found a breakthrough technology called OFPMA, which creates an exquisitely thin shield around each hair strand.

What OFPMA does: 

-Repels dirt so hair stays cleaner longer

-Eliminates frizz by blocking humidity 

-Polishes and protects hair strands 

-Smoothes without weighing hair down 

-Creates visibly healthier hair overtime. 


In the last 3 months of using Living Proof, my hair feels refreshed and revived and less dry and brittle.  The patented OFPMA science behind this shampoo and conditioner has allowed me to go less frequently without washes and has made styling a much easier task.  Living Proof has truly allowed my hair to feel cleaner, stronger, and salon approved. Visit there page to search and discover how their products can be tailored to your own unique hair type! { Living Proof }



While i've been able to prolong more frequent washes, my hair still secretes oils from time to time, especially after a workout, or when I am on the go and its not convenient for another wash. Dry shampoo has been an absolute game changer for me as an on the go business owner and nanny.... So I was more than excited when my husband's college friend, who owns a hair line called Statum Style, came out with a dry shampoo made of all natural ingredients. This powder based dry shampoo has a mint citrus scent and contains natural ingredients, free of talc and other harmful chemicals. Statum Style's 'Day 2' Dry Shampoo is designed to revive and add life to hair in between washes. I simply shake the powder in my hands or directly on oily problem areas and blend. It perfectly tames the oil, refreshes the roots, and feels like day 1 hair!  

With a never ending slew of new products, it can be intimidating to find the best one for your hair. Test out multiple kinds, find what works best for you, and let your favorite products effortlessly show off your gorgeous strands that give you you're best hair. 

What about you? What hair products do you love? Do you experiment with new products or stick with what works?  Would love to hear all your hair tips and tricks! - Lindsay 


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