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Posted on May 17 2017

We are so honored to announce that we are now carrying the "Valor Magazine" in our shop! The story of how this magazine came to be is full of hope, courage and strength for every woman!  Browse our website or visit us in store to get a copy of your own & read below to learn more about the heartbeat of this issue! 


“For the woman who speaks up for herself and others in the Spirit despite what society tells her.”


VALOR is about you. It’s also about the woman next to you, the woman across the street, and the woman on a tiny island on a remote island. It’s even about the woman you do your best to avoid on the hard days. It’s about the woman who is fighting a hard battle, struggling internally as she answers your “How are you?” with the age old, “I’m fine” but the look on her face tells you otherwise.

VALOR is for the woman who needs encouragement on the most mundane of days–reminding her of her identity in Christ as she says yes to one more thing on her already crowded schedule.

VALOR is for the woman who just can’t seem to find her way out of the desert where she’s been wandering for quite some time, hoping for an experience full of the Spirit that will soon bring her to the place where she can’t get enough of His Word.

VALOR is for the woman who is searching and seeking after something more than what she is currently filling that bottomless hole in her heart.

VALOR is for the woman who is filled with grief…at the brokenness of this life, her circumstances, or the endless striving and the relationships that always seem strained or messy.

VALOR is for any woman who just needs to hear “me too”, to know she’s not alone in her daily battles, and to be reminded that there’s purpose in ALL things.


This dream has been a long time coming for Chief Storyteller and Dreamer, Krista Dunbar since she could remember.  In her younger years, she believed this magazine would be the sole competitor of Vogue and that she would go head-to-head with Anna Wintour taking on the world of fashion. In her college years, God captured Krista’s heart, wrecking what was once there and molded, shaped, and re-shaped her dream until a new idea emerged. But it wasn’t yet time. A few years later, she was newly married, sitting out on the back porch of her grandma’s home, jobless and frustrated…crying out to God about when this dream would become a reality.

It’s been five years since those days working, praying, and crying her heart out to God about this dream. It’s finally come into fruition, and it’s even BETTER than what Krista ever had in mind…

The heartbeat of this magazine is to encourage women…to speak up for those near and far because Proverbs 31:8 was breathed into her heart:

“Speak up for the people who have no voice, for the rights of all the down-and-outers.”– The Message

We hope you will be encouraged to the depths of your souls through the pages of this magazine and the words of the amazing women who wrote their hearts out for this God-sized dream."


We couldn't love the story of Valor Magazine more & we are so thankful to support this dream & mission!  Browse our website or visit us in store to get a copy of your own & read below to learn more about the heartbeat of this issue! - Lindsay & Stefanie 


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