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{ Uninvited | Lysa Terkeurst }

Posted on January 18 2017

It's so easy to feel confident and loved when things are going well for us. But when life inevitably happens, we experience moments that compete with our security and steal our best.  In this life giving novel, Lysa speaks hope into our wounds and helps us bridge the gap between the rejection we feel and the truth that has the ability to set us free. She gracefully equips us to prayerfully restore our confidence.  

In our fallen world, rejection is inevitable.  Yet we aren't forced to give it power over our life. I love the way the Uninvited Book helps us to navigate through feelings of rejection when it state, "Old patterns of thought must be torn out, and a new way of looking at the core of who i am using God's true has to be put into place. My identity must be anchored to the truth of who God is and who He is to me.  Only then can i find a stability beyond what my feelings will ever allow. The closer I align my truth with His truth, the more closely I identify with God- and the more my identity really is in Him."  This is so important in realizing that when we tie our identity to our circumstances we become insecure because our circumstances are unpredictable and ever-changing.  This load of control will never end how we think, it will crush our hearts and hide our best while we are covered up by insecurity.  

In this book, Lysa helps us to see that we can choose to throw away the old ways of living, and put on the new.  First, we need to recognize that God is good, He has a plan, and He can be trusted. I love this verse offered in the book from Isaiah, "You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust in you.  Trust in the Lord forever, for the Lord, the Lord himself, is the Rock eternal." Isaiah 26:3-4.  The Hebrew word for steadfast used in this verse is smack means "to brace, uphold, support."  That is pretty amazing news, when our minds are supported by truth and trust in God we know we are held in perfect peace.

"I don't have to figure my present circumstances out.  I don't have to fill the silence left behind in another person's absence. I don't have to know all the whys and what-ifs.  All i have to do is trust.  So in quiet humiliate and without a personal agenda, I make the decision to let God sort it all out. I sit quietly in His presence and simply say, "God, I want Your truth to be the loudest voice in my life. Correct me. Comfort me. Come closer still.  And I will trust.  God, You are good at being God." 

Whether you are in a stage of life where you feel left out, insecure, rejected, less than, or forgotten, we want you to throw off that label and know you are worthy of a different story! Lysa Terkeurst knows firsthand the sting of rejection and highlights that it is impossible for us to hold the banners of victory and victim at the same time and we know God never intended for us to bare the weight of it all. We must remember:

- God is good

- God is good to me

- God is good at being God


If you haven't already read this amazing book, I would recommend ordering it now as Lysa provides us with biblical depth, honest vulnerability & God honoring ways to process hurt, fear and prayers to restore God given confidence.  You may want to add a box of highlighters to your order, too, because this is by far one of those books filled with bathroom mirror worthy quotes!  


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