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Posted on June 14 2017

If you’re familiar with The Brunette Blend, you know one of the hot topics is skincare. I’m along the lines of a skincare freak, but I wasn’t always! After severe burns, unnatural colors and acne, I learned to step up my skincare routines and prevent unwanted skin issues.  I don’t think many people would argue that healthy skin is something they try to receive and maintain. After all, you skin is truly your ‘foundation.’ 


Your skin is your foundation.

This goes for men and women, everyone can benefit from having a good skincare routine. Over the years, I’ve found what works for my skin. I still get an occasional breakout, but who doesn’t?

Cleanse and Repeat

Ding ding ding. Washing your face regularly is a big one. HOWEVER, I just recently implemented the repeat stage and let me tell you, GAME CHANGER. We may think we’re rinsing away today’s makeup, but in reality, there is still a lot left behind that is clogging pores. A second cleanse and rinse can remove any leftover makeup, oil or dirt that can cause breakouts. Since doing this, I’ve noticed clearer skin and morning after racoon eyes are nonexistent.

Cleansers do a great job of removing makeup, dirt and oil from the day, but it also takes away some of your skin’s natural oils, so it's important to replenish.


One thing that bothers me most is when skin feel tight and dry. Cleansers do a great job of removing makeup, dirt and oil from the day, but it also takes away some of your skin’s natural oils, so it's important to replenish. This means grab your facial oil, beauty balm or favorite cream. (To me, this is the best part). Pick which one works best for you + your skin.

Go Makeup Free

If you’re a makeup wearer, opt to go at least one day a week without makeup. Not only is it kind of invigorating, it gives your skin a chance to breathe. It's a total treat for skin to get an entire day (instead of 8 hrs) of not being masked with products. I recently went a whole week without a drop of face makeup and I was really surprised at how fast my breakout areas cleared up.


OMG. This one is HARD. I’ve always been the type of person to see an imperfection and try to squeeze whatever out that was clogging a pore. This is a NO NO, because you’re damaging the skin. Not only does it make the area worse, picking or squeezing can cause scarring and bruising.

Use Sunscreen

This is where the mom in me comes out, SERIOUSLY WEAR SUNSCREEN. I’ll take plenty of teachings away from my mom, but this one is BURNED (unintentional pun) iin my brain. Sun damage can cause wrinkles, imperfection and even cancer. We’re lathering ourselves in some many potions and creams, can we take 2.5 seconds?

Eat + Drink Well

Surprise! What you eat actually has an impact on your face. (You knew that, though). Sweet potatoes, chia seeds, almonds and brown rice are a few foods that promote healthy skin. Food is your medicine and works from the inside out, seriously impressive.

What you drink has an impact, too. Water flushes out toxins and replenishes our body. Most of us makeup wearers will experience ‘acne cosmetica,’ which are bumps on the skin caused by hair and beauty products. Tweaking your makeup routine always helps, but water with some fruit infusion can also bring skin back to life.

Everyone is different and every skin type is different. Find the formula that works best for YOU. At the end of the day, you’ll know what skincare treatment is working with your skin. Until then, wash your face, eat your veggies + treat yo’self to a mask (c’mon, I know you’re cruising that Target aisle…)

-Samantha Shreve, The Brunette Blend 


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