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Posted on August 15 2017

 If you have been around here for any time at all, you know that we are big into health & natural living!  I'm not sure if you have ever heard this statistic before, but brace yourself if not!  It is said that women apply over 300 chemicals to their face and skin per day, including talc, bismuth, parabens, lead, mercury, and mineral oil. These chemicals are all found in store bought skin care and makeup products, which can disrupt the endocrine system, are highly carcinogenic, and have been found in tumors. Wow. That is a scary thought, but something that sadly not many of us know about because we put way too much trust in the things we buy at the store that are labeled "natural" and "safe." It is so important to remain educated on these types of things because it directly impacts your health wether you want to believe that or not. 


Last month Young Living rolled out the announcement of the century (in my opinion!) when they dropped the bomb that they were going to be selling a CLEAN makeup line! *cue tears of joy* I know there are great makeup brands out there that are safe as well, but as a Young Living Distributor, it made my heart burst that the company I stand behind the most with immense integrity was taking that huge leap to further helping us be the healthiest versions of ourselves! 

To make it as simple as possible for you to choose your own complete makeup set, the best way to get started with Savvy Minerals is through the Savvy Minerals Starter Kit!  The graphic posted below breaks down exactly what you need to do to get your Savvy Kit set up! 

1. Add the Basic Starter Kit by clicking here. This kit includes a Young Living Wholesale Membership, Stress Away Essential Oil Blend, samples, and more! (In Step 1, be sure to click on the "Basic Kit" tab") 

2. Jump down to Step 3 and click "Add More Products" choose ONE each of your own color: Foundation, Blush, Eye Shadow, and Lipstick! You are welcome to add more to your order too! 

3. Order & wait for your new favorite makeup system to arrive! 

*If for some reason you are unsure about the color you're selecting- I would be more than happy to meet with you during Blooms & Linen business hours to color match you!  Another important thing to add- if the color you selected is not what you thought it would be and you want to swap out colors you have a few options:

-30 Days or less after Ship Date (Unopened)- Refund (items and tax) to the same method of payment for the purchase price and applicable sales tax (less shipping charges)

-30 Days or less after Ship Date (Opened)-Credit on the member's Young Living account for the purchase price and applicable sales tax (less shipping charges)

-31-90 Days after Ship Date (Opened or Unopened) - Credit on the Young Living account for the purchase price and applicable sales tax (less shipping charges and 10% handling fee)

-Items over 90 days cannot be returned

Here are some STUNNING before & after pictures of some of our dear friends who made themselves over with ALL Savvy Mineral products!


Photo cred: Rachel Figueroa


Photo Cred: Chelsea David


Photo Cred: Mindy Hiatt


If you are interested in safe beauty and a smart alternative to your current beauty regime, feel free to send me an email at hello@stefaniechilds.com!  



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