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Posted on February 27 2017

LipSense has ARRIVED!!!  We are beyond excited to now be distributors of these amazing little natural lip colors!  We quickly became obsessed, after discovering them over the last couple naturally we wanted to start offering them to our fabulous customers!  As the original long-lasting lip color, it is waterproof, does not kiss-off, smear-off, rub-off or budge-off!  Create your own color palette by combining shades too. Your customized look will last even longer & your lips will stay moist & plump with LipSense Moisturizing Gloss.  Purchase online or at our storefront { 40 E. Poplar Street Zionsville, IN 46077 }.  When you shop in store, you can test out all of our in stock colors/gloss.  You can also purchase a starter kit of 1 Color of Choice + 1 Gloss + 1 Oops Remover for a discounted rate of $55!

The Lip Colors are: Lead Free, Wax Free, Antibacterial with St. John's Wart, Gluten Free, Non GMO, Filled with Antioxidant Properties such as Linden Flower Extract, Not Tested on Animals, Made of Peony Root Extract,  & Vegan...​Made in USA!

LipSense is
made of natural materials, is patented, FDA approved & is a unique formula of liquid lip color that is "permanent for the day".  LipSense is unlike anything else you've tried. It is NOT a lip works because of "molecular bond" technology.  LipSense provides a 100% mechanical shield to protect your lips from the wind, sun, bacteria, free radicals and pollution.

Slight tingling sensation & exfoliation
will happen when applied during the 1st week, due to the antibacterial properties in the product.  It is removing the dead skin cells from wax build up { from other chapsticks, waxy lipsticks, etc} & killing off bacteria from your over dried lips.  Over time your lips will be healthy from the shea butter, non dried with help from the gloss & bacteria free.

    LipSense will not dry out your lips when used with one of our companion Shea butter & Vitamin E moisturizing glosses. The LipSense Moisturizing Gloss is what  "cures" the liquid lip color and deposits moisture into the lips.  Color + gloss is a system that works together to keep your lips healthy. LipSense Glosses have NO mineral oil,  petroleum or artificial chemical wax. Main ingredients of LipSense Gloss is Shea Butter & Bee's Wax. NO more Dry lips, and lipstick that stays on! 

        One tube of LipSense is equal to FOUR tubes of regular lipstick.  One tube will last 4-6 months when warn almost every day.  Size:  .25 oz / 7.4 ML.


          Over 75 color options.  We have limited stock of our favorite colors that will change from week to week.

            To Apply:  Start with clean lips.  Shake the tube, remove the wand & simply swipe on the color in on direction {Swiping back/forth wont allow the color to bon with your lips}.  Wait 5+ seconds in between coats for drying, apply 3 coats total for complete all day coverage.  Once dry, apply gloss.  The gloss is made to protect the color & hydrate lips.  Re-apply gloss every 2-3 hours during the day.

              If you are having trouble deciding on a color, search the color name on Pinterest such as "Lipsense Redwood Color" and you can see views of many women showing off the options!

              Color Pallets: 

              To purchase, check out our product page here!  And we will continue to add more color options weekly!  Some of our faves are Beige Champagne + Hazelnut + Redwood!

              Stefanie Childs & Lindsay Lyon | Distributor: 282187 | Questions:


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