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{ Journeying with Jesus | Guest Post }

Posted on July 27 2017


How you met Jesus is always the most beautiful story, no matter how it began. You see, God is after us before we ever even make our entrance into this world. Whether we know it or choose not to open our eyes to it, we are the most loved we will ever be before we could even hold our head up. There is nothing we can do to earn God’s love or His favor. We already have it.

Like a newborn baby journeys its way from the womb to life and then on to adulthood, we also are on a journey from the first moment we actually recognize and accept Jesus as the Lord of our lives. No matter how long it took or is taking you to understand that, it’s still a beautiful journey.

Your story might be one that has been at a steady pace since childhood (if you were raised in a Christian home). Or it may have looked like a series of ups and downs. Maybe you found Christ and then let Him fade into the background as you found other “more important” people or things to take His place in your heart. Or maybe you haven’t given Him much thought at all.

No matter what your story is, it’s beautiful. Each of us are on a journey of maturing and growing in our faith. Will we stumble? Yes. Will we fall? Probably. No matter what, we can trust in the One who will hold out His right hand and let us lean into Him as we choose to finish the race. He’s right there and He has been all along. But it’s a choice. It’s your choice. Take His hand if you haven’t. You don’t have to journey through this life alone….especially because it’s a tough and lonely road.



God never leaves and never forsakes. He is full of love, wisdom, and truth. Knowing Him is knowing peace and strength and purpose. Knowing Him is knowing who you are. Knowing Him is a life filled with forgiveness and grace. It’s knowing and trusting in His promises-which are always fulfilled. It’s knowing you have a home waiting for you at the end of this journey and it’s knowing that no matter what you’ve done or haven’t done, what your past looks like…it doesn’t matter. It makes no difference because Jesus lived this life and knows exactly where we are at, how we feel, and more. He can truly say, “me too, I know”. What’s even better is that He vouches for us to our Creator who keeps no record because we start clean. That’s something worth living this life for. Choose Him each morning and keep choosing Him throughout each day. It’s a journey.

So…what’s your story? We’d love to hear it. Take a second to share your story with us.

-Krista Dunbar 


Krista is a dear friend, loved wife & an admirable Christ Follower. She is passionate about stories & encourages others to boldly share theirs. She is the author of Mila Magazine which encourages women to live the free lives the Lord has given to each and every one of us! Read more inspiring posts from Krista over on Instagram @mila_magazine! Thank you for stopping by! 


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