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{ Guest Post | Clare Smith }

Posted on July 06 2016

{ Guest Blogger: Clare Smith  }


Hi friends!

It is my honor to be posting on Blooms and Linen's blog today! I love the beautiful pieces Lindsay and Stefanie choose for their shop--fresh, modern, and clean! Just how I like it!

To give you a little introduction of myself, my name is Clare--a wife, mama, writer, blogger, speaker, fitness junkie, and essential oil lover---just to scratch the surface! I love all things that tend to a woman's body, mind and soul. My heart soars when I can help women of all ages connect with their true purpose in life as they fulfill the passions God has planted in their hearts. This connection comes from training the mind and body which I believe is rooted in the Truth of God's Word and freedom from His presence in their lives!

People often ask me what my personal philosophy is in overall wellness and it can be summed up by my tagline from my blog, Train Hard. Eat Well. Live Free.  I want to give you a little insight into each!

Train Hard.

Exercising...or the element of training my body, is not a hard discipline for me. I've been active for as long as I remember. I was a high school athlete so training has been an important part of my life! The 30-60 minutes a day I put in moving my body is a natural stress-reliever for me. It's also a place where my creative juices flow, where I meditate on the things God is teaching me, and I use the gift of teaching and passion for health to serve others when I am in front of a group of women teaching a HIIT or Pilates class!

I workout 5-6 days a week. (It's not always been this much!) And while it looks different every week, I aim for 3-4 days of strength training, 1 day of steady state cardio training, 2-3 days of sprint/speed training/HIIT, and 2 days of pilates. If you add that up, it's more than 5-6 days so that means I pair some of these up! You can follow my instagram account for some short clips of how I exercise!

Eat Well.

Eating balanced and healthy is a harder discipline for me! I love food and I have a big appetite. I used to be able to eat a lot and would burn it right up, but now that I am over 35, I've had to adjust! In general, I try and eat foods in their most basic fruits, veggies, nuts, protein, and healthy fats. I drink quite a bit of water but I also love coffee! I drink a protein shake a day because it's easy and it gets my sweet fix for me. You might be surprised that I also love cake, pizza, wine, and lots of cheese so I am not a health food purist by any means. I truly try to live a balanced life in this area.

Because I'm pretty active, I eat every 2-3 hours in a day. I look at my "snacks" as mini-meals because it keeps me from grabbing foods that can be considered "nutrient-empty!"

Eating is for fuel primarily, but I also believe it is for enjoyment! If it wasn't, God would have created all foods to taste the same but in a great gift to us, He didn't! Holla!

Live Free.

This final piece is the most important part and foundational of my daily health life. It's here where I find the why and motivation for taking care of my body. You see, I believe that our bodies are gifts and that I am to steward or manage it well. I know that God has things for me to do that He prepared well in advance even while I was in my mama's womb. (Ephesians 2:20, Psalm 139:16) It is important for me to read God's Word, pray and talk or hang out with like-minded people every day. While I'm not perfect, I have built time in the early morning to do this. If I start my day saturated in these things, I find that when I'm squeezed, just like a sponge, those things will come out. (And let me tell ya, I am squeezed a lot every day. #amiright?) I use and email 2 friends after I get done to tell them what I learned that morning. I am not a huge journaler, but I do keep a prayer list and journal when I'm really processing life!

I'd love to hear from you! Do you tend to these areas in your life? If so, what do your daily disciplines look like? How do you think your life and the lives of those around you would benefit if you asked God how He might have you work on these areas?



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