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{ Essential Oil Laundry Detergent }

Posted on August 10 2016

 Hi friends!  Hope you are all off to a great week! Excited to share with you my new favorite all natural homemade laundry detergent!  It's been a slow transition and quest in removing all toxic and harmful products from my little home.  One thing that I have had a fairly hard time replacing is laundry detergent!  

I have always been loyal to my Tide Laundry Detergent, because it's what my mom always used, and why would I have any reason to switch up until now??  After doing some research, I came across the ingredients list and saw all that was in it..a twenty page list of all the chemical ingredients found in this main stream detergent!   "Fragrance" was listed as an ingredient, and was link to a page filled with a list chemicals found in this fragrance!  This was a wake up call to me that it was time to ditch the store stuff.  I knew I needed to find a way to wash my clothes with non toxic chemicals that would still get the job done and leave my clothes feeling clean and fresh.  

I like the idea of using a homemade detergent because: 

  • It's all natural 
  • Cost effective and easy to make 
  • You are free to choose the scent { I prefer Purification + Lemon + Lavender } 
  • Great for infant/children's skin who may be prone to sensitivities to the detergents containing harsh chemicals... could result in eczema, hives, or rashes! 
Below I have listed the breakdown of the detergent, essential oils used and the supplies needed!

  • 1/4c Super Washing Soda
  • 1/4c Baking Soda
  • 6 TBSP Castile Soap { I use this
  • 15 Drops Young Living Essential Oils { I split this ratio between Purification + Lavender + Lemon.. but their are lots of great oil combo options! } 


  • 1-2 gallon container or bucket { use only for the making/mixing of the detergent } 
  • Long spoon for mixing
  • A glass jar or several wide mouth mason jars that will store a full gallon of detergent

To Make: 

  • Pour super washing soda into the bucket. 
  • Combine the baking soda + mix
  • Pour in 1 gallon of hot water
  • Add in the 6 TBSP of castile soap
  • Add 15 drops of Young Living Essential Oils 
  • Pour mixture into jar  

To Use: 

  • Stir before each use to make sure all is blended well together
  • Use about 1/3c for a full load of laundry

That's all it takes! A very simple process that yields lots of loads! This whole process should only take about 5 minutes to make!  

Below is a little more info about each essential oil used and the added benefits of having them around your home!


 We hope you enjoy using this new recipe!  -  Stefanie

 If you are interested in learning more about Essential Oils through Young Living, checkout my personal blog:  



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