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{ Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelets }

Posted on October 12 2016

My journey with Young Living Essential Oils started 2 years ago.. and they have impacted many areas of my life that helps me stay aligned with a natural and healthy lifestyle!   Diffusing is just one of the many ways I use oils to incorporate them into my daily routine.. but sometimes diffusing may not be an option! 

For those of you that work in an office where diffusing is not an option but you still want oils on hand.. a diffuser bracelet would be the perfect alternative!   We are so excited we discovered diffuser bracelets...not only are they beautiful, they will keep you smelling your favorite oils all day long no matter where your schedule finds you!  We just received some uniquely handmade diffuser bracelets from one of our hand made suppliers & could not be more excited to display them in our shop!


What are Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelets: 

Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelets are bracelets that are made with porous ingredients that you can wear - they can be made of leather, clay, or lava beads

How do you use an Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet? 

These bracelets are extremely easy to use - simply add 2-4 drops of essential oils directly on the bracelet.  If it is leather, add the oil to the rough part of the bracelet (typically the underside). If they are lava beads, add 2-3 drops directly on the beads, which are porous.  

In most cases, you won't need to reapply essential oils for about 2 days, as the scent will be fading away.   The best part is you can bring the bracelet directly to your nose for a stronger scent anytime!   Some oils need dilution due to the strength.  Our favorite carrier oil for dilution is sunflower oil because it is already in liquid form and it is closest to the skin's natural oils.



I have compiled a list below of some of my favorite blends you can start using on your diffuser bracelet:

Sunshine Blend - 3 drops Tangerine ; 1 drop Dill ; 2 drops Lemon 

Happy Blend - 1 drop Ylang Ylang ; 1 drop Orange ; 1 drop Lavender

Clarity Blend - 2 drops Peppermint ; 2 drops Frankincense 

Worry Free Blend - 2 drops Orange ; 2 drops Frankincense 

Respiratory Blend - 2 drops Spearmint ; 2 drops Eucalyptus 

Kids Focus Blend - 1 drop Vetiver ; 1 drop Cedarwood ; 1 drop Lavender 

We know you will love this darling bracelet as much as we do!  So today, we are giving away ONE diffuser bracelet & ONE 15ml bottle of Stress Away to ONE lucky winner!

***ENTER TO WIN: Head on over to our Instagram { @bloomsandlinen } + follow us + tag 3 friends who would LOVE this bracelet & oil combo!


{ You can also find these well loved handmade Diffuser Bracelets under our accessories tab! } 


Have any more questions about Young Living Essential Oils and how you can incorporate them into your life? Shoot us an email at for more information :) 

 - Lindsay Lyon


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