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{ Day Designer Planner | Organize 2017 }

Posted on January 05 2017

2016. One of the busiest yet rewarding years yet as we began Blooms & Linen.  This dream began in a very crazy season as Stefanie was juggling being a working photographer mama of 3 and Lindsay a full time nanny.  We didn't have a master guide to follow as we jumped into this adventure, so most days our thoughts were all over the place running at full speed! When life is moving at this pace, It's hard to stay organized. 

So what will 2017 bring? In an effort to keep our thoughts, tasks, and schedules organized we decided to splurge on the Day Designer Planner.  This gorgeous planner is marketed towards the working professional, mama and the diligent student.  Anyone fall into one of those categories?? I think in our day and age its easy to turn to the calendar and notes on our phone to write down our schedule instead of a well organized planner that keeps agendas simple and precise. I know for me, when I use my phone to schedule all the things, I end up on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest.. and usually forgetting about why I was on there to begin with. My phone for me is a distraction of sorts, can you relate?   Our New Years Resolution this year revolves around 3 areas- being more time efficient, being more organized and intentional with the present task. We are excited for the day designer to keep our minds more focused and driven with a schedule that is free of distraction! 

Isn't it beautiful? We couldn't love it more! The pages give you enough space to write down all your tasks and the planner is the perfect size you can take it with you wherever you may be headed!

 In your planner, you will find that each day/week includes:

  • Daily planning pages with scheduling from 5a-9p
  • Daily Inspirational quotes
  • Today, To-do, Dinner, Gratitude, Top 3 To-Do Prompts, Notes
  • Combined weekend pages with overview of following week 


"Day Designer is the original daily agenda. We’re on a mission to get you organized and on your way to living an intentional, meaningful and well-designed life." -Day Designer Team 


Share your thoughts with us below! Are you the type that uses a planner or has your phone taken the place? Which do you prefer and what works better with YOUR life? Would love to hear your take on this topic!  - Lindsay & Stefanie 




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