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{ 6 Tips For A Productive Day & A Giveaway }

Posted on April 13 2016

I have always loved wearing a cute watch to match my cute outfit!  To be honest, I have never used a watch for the time, it's always been about fashion.   In an effort to sift through distractions in my life, I have realized electronics are on the top of the list.   So for the first time, my goal is to wear a watch for the time so that I will be on my phone less.  Watches { besides an Apple watch of course } are naturally antisocial, so not a lot of room for distraction! 

Today, we are offering a giveaway over on our Instagram page { @bloomsandlinen }  on our adorable floral + mint watch! { $46 Value } We can't tell you our secret and not let you test it out too!  Be sure to hop over and enter to win!!  


Speaking of the topic of time and avoiding distractions, I wanted to share 6 of my favorite tips that have significantly improved the way I work & get things done!   If there is one thing that makes me really crazy, it's being unorganized and feeling like I am therefore wasting time.  It brings out the ugly in me and simply put, stresses me OUT! 

As a { new } business owner and also as someone who values friendships and things that are important to me, I'm always passionate about learning more ways to be productive and waste less time!   Over the years, not only as a business owner, but an employee, student, and self proclaimed planner, I have learned different things about myself that have helped me stay on the track of productivity.  Hope some of these work for you too! 


1.  Create a Morning Routine & Stick To It 

First thing when I wake up, I pretty much have the system down to how i plan to jumpstart my day.  It helps my mental state to know ahead of time what needs to be done. Taking time to sit down to eat, drink coffee, and read a devotion..are all things important to me that get me in the right state of mind to tackle the day! Find what works for you. You're able to maximize your time without the stress when you have set out what the morning looks like! 

2. Highlight the Top 3 Things on Your To-Do List

This is a vital step!   I always have a daily to-do list, but within that list I identify the 3 things of the most importance that need to be done no matter the time they take.  Sometimes those 3 things may take the whole day and sometimes it make take a couple hours. Having a plan and reaching that goal is a huge way to stay on top of your productivity streak! Want to take an extra step? Plan this list the night BEFORE your work day...Don't waste anytime! 

3. Place Interruptions together

It's super easy to pick up your phone to look at the time and suddenly finding yourself scrolling through Instagram.  We've all been there. Interruptions in your work day aren't bad, they are actually good & should be taken!  Work on grouping those interruptions together.  Combine your lunch with your distractions, or take a 10 minute break to do nothing work related.  Limiting distractions and setting boundaries for those easy interruptions is essential and needed in creating a productive setting! 

4. Make Less Exciting Tasks Fun

Some aspects of work are less than thrilling, even some of the most valued tasks don't bring about excitement.  When I am faced with a boring or repetitive task that doesn't require that much concentration, I like to listen to a podcast, or turn up my music to make the time worthwhile. It almost makes it feel like a break and who doesn't love that?! 

5. Allow Yourself to Leave Big Tasks Unfinished

In the past I have always had the mentality that anything that gets started needs to be finished asap. Or at least, I have put that pressure on myself!   Many times, it takes days or weeks to finish a big task.  This is where planning comes in { again }!   Sometimes you need to leave the task and come back to it in the morning with a fresh mind and rested body and that is totally OKAY. Give yourself enough time to plan the beginning, middle, and end of a project and don't sweat it when your mental tank runs low and you have nothing else to give.  In these situations, planning is your FRIEND! 

6. Plan Out Your Week in Advance

Is it clear yet that planning and productivity go hand in hand?  Planning ahead of time adds discipline to your routine to help you prioritize what is important. It also gives you a goal and a deadline with plenty of time to execute!  


I hope these tips were helpful for you! I know they have been helpful for me to make things happen!  Have any other tips that work for you? Please share with us in the comments below!  We would love to hear from you! 

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