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{ Meet Lindsay }

Posted on March 28 2016

Hi, I'm Lindsay!  I am a wife, Christ follower,  90's baby, essential oil user, fitness girl, and lover of everything antique & vintage! 

I am a new wife, married to Josh Lyon since { 5.15.15 }.  The last 10 months of life together has been such a fun adventure. I love learning more about him, while also learning a lot { more } about myself.  I'm no marriage expert, but I do know that it brings out your best but not without bringing out your worst!  Thankful for the amazing gift to bring our struggles, weaknesses, flaws, and brokenness to Christ to better ourselves and our marriage!!   We first met at church when I was working at the church front desk during college.  He came up to me asking for directions, except he really didn't need directions.  He made an impression on me nonetheless, and I think that was the goal!  A couple years later, we crossed paths again when some of our friends set up a double date.  6 months later....ring.  There's more to the story, but thats the cliff notes version!   Our date nights of choice are walks, bike rides, & mexican. "At home dates" always include Netflix & wine. Always.  Marriage is just the best.  Can't believe we will be celebrating our first anniversary in a month! 

I am a born and raised hoosier.  What can I say, I can't live without the corn & Indy 500.  I do love living here for the most part, although I think it would be fun to move somewhere with less bipolar weather changes!  Josh grew up all over the country, moving many times as a young boy.  He moved to Indiana his 8th grade year, and has been here ever since!  He works at a local coffee roaster, coaches two baseball teams, and provides private hitting lessons!   We live in an adorable apartment right outside Indianapolis, in Zionsville.  It is definitely a top notch starting place for us!   My dream would be to own our own land, living in a beautiful white farmhouse, hidden off the road with a long drive and massive trees.  I envision little turkeys running around { animal & human } while i'm watering my garden & drinking sweet tea!  { I actually don't like sweet tea, but it just fits the dream. }  

I spend my day to day life nannying, working on my essential oil business, and growing Blooms & Linen! I was never the career girl growing up, and mostly hated school! I understand its importance but it was never my friend. :)  My favorite classes to take in college were always centered around fitness!   I started loving fitness and working out right after high school.  I am thankful for all the resources we have to make better health choice for our bodies!  Lately I have been LOVING the Kayla Itsines workouts.  If you haven't heard of her, you may be living under a rock.  She has very challenging workouts that can essentially be done anywhere! Check her out!  I am a big advocate in self care.  It is not just a vanity thing, it's actually so much deeper, it's all about honoring God with the only body you have, sometimes its that perspective that gets my lazy limbs moving!  Take care of yourself so that you can take care of others, and be the best version of yourself!  Almost nothing compares to that after workout feeling!!! I'm so thankful that Josh and I share the same views in this area & stay active together!  

Outside of work, I keep busy decorating, cooking, antiquing, shopping, blogging & DIY projects!    Embarking on this new adventure to owning an online boutique with my sweet friend has been a complete dream since we are both using so many of the things we LOVE to get this going!    We both feel so blessed and are so excited to see it grow!

Thankful for all of your support, & thank you for stopping by! 

* Engagement + Wedding Images by my Blooms & Linen co-owner and my dear friend Stefanie Childs { SB Childs Photography }  See my wedding blog post here!


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