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{ Kale, Almond, Mint + Berry Smoothie }

Posted on March 10 2016

Good morning friends!!!  Who loves smoothies for meals??  We want you to wake up with our FAVORITE smoothie!!!   Sometimes, well a lot of times, it is hard to consume all the nutrients we need to meet the daily requirements.  At any given point of the day, for a meal, snack, or post workout fuel, a smoothie can meet our daily needs! It is one of our favorite go to "meals" when we are in a hurry and want to down something quickly.  There are a few benefits you may experience when you swap out a meal for a smoothie: 

* easy to make & drink

* more energy from all the real & fresh ingredients

* immunity boosting

* it helps aid in weight loss

*  It's not all about losing weight, its about being healthy, energized, and giving your body what it needs. Our bodies crave { and need } vitamins and minerals all day long. 

    We wanted to design a smoothie specifically for meal replacement so that we feel and satisfied!  A vital thing to keep in mind when creating a meal replacement smoothie is to blend healthy fats AND proteins.   

    This blend will not only keep you full, it will also provide the energy you need until your next snack/meal!!  


    2 cups fresh kale

    2 cups unsweetened almond milk

    1/4 cup of filtered water

    2 cups of frozen berries { i love using raspberries or blueberries }

    1 banana

    1 handful of fresh mint leaves 

    2 TBSP creamy almond butter

    1/4 C rolled oats { we like to use gluten free! } 

    1 TSP chia seeds + 1 TSP flax seeds

    1 TBSP of local RAW honey


      1. Blend kale and almond milk until smooth

      2. Add remaining ingredients, and blend until smooth.  Enjoy!  

      tip:  Use frozen fruit to make smoothie cold.  More veggies and fruit can always be added!


      We would love to hear { & see } what you think!  Take a picture and tag us!  @bloomsandlinen


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      • Jayla : April 01, 2016

        I made the smoothie last night and couldn’t wait to drink what was left of it today! It was delicious, girls. Thanks for the recipe! I would love for you to post another favorite in the near future :)

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