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Posted on May 23 2016

We are extremely happy and proud to announce that we offer jewelry that is hand crafted by artisans through the mission work of the Mata Traders brand.  "Mata Traders is a design driven fair trade company that is on mission to end global poverty and inspire ethical companies and consumers to change the fashion industry.   The mission of this company is to 'fashion a better world' by creating designs that celebrate a women's originality and empower her to use her dollar for change.  We merge uncommonly vibrant style with fair trade practices to make an impact on global poverty- bringing living wages to artisans in India and Nepal." 

 "All Mata Traders fair trade clothing and accessories are made by the hands of artisans in India and Nepal.  Every item sold by Mata Traders is an original piece, and many incorporate craft traditions that date back centuries, such as block printing and  embroidery." 


Services + Education:

The artisan cooperatives are similar to social service agencies in how they provide support to end the cycle of poverty for the members and their families.  Health care, paid maternity leave, retirement pensions, and daycare are all included in the membership package.  The social workers on staff help the artisans address personal needs, such as opening bank accounts, situations with situations of domestic violence, and dealing with HIV/AIDS.  Literary classes are available, as well as computer training, workshops on hygiene, nutrition, and parenting.  The co-ops have proven to empower women to navigate their own lives!  


Meaningfulness of the Work + Social Mobility:  

The garments are individually stitched in small workshops, with one seamstress who creates an entire garment, rather than being a part of a production line.  Many of the Mata styles are finished carefully with hand embroidery in the women's homes.  The training starts with hand sewing, beginning with simple machine patterns, and then eventually mastering the sewing machine.   Showing leadership skills offers women an opportunity to become the head of a sewing group, and later promote to a higher level such as trainer, quality checker, material buyer, or assistant production manager.  In india, a country which is social stratified, this sort of social mobility in the workplace is very rare. 


 Voice, Confidence, Friendships: 

The society in india, is such that, most women work from the home.  Upon joining these co-ops, many of the women start out shy and timid at first, and gradually form close friendships as they come out of their shells. These women begin to find confidence that pours over into their own communities. 

Celebrating Traditional Artisan Skills: 

The beauty, heritage, and intricacy that inspired Mata Traders to begin importing, was mainly due to the fair trade cooperative artisan made fabric. 

 Fair Wages:

According to Mata traders, Fair trade is best known for producers getting a fair price for their goods.  The women at the co-ops, earn a living wage the exceeds the local minimum wage.  The purpose of this system is the flexibility that it allows in terms of hours, and skill level.  The women get to exercise control in figuring the piece rate, and since the cooperatives are worker owned organizations, they receive a portion of the profits.  

We LOVE these unique and well made pieces of jewelry that provides jobs for women in 3rd world countries!   All of these artisans come from rural areas, tribal villages, and urban slums, but they all want the same thing, the chance to earn a living wage lift their families and communities out of poverty.   Thank you for helping us support them!  Check out some of the items in our shop { a preview of some of the pieces we offer below }!  


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