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{ Energy Tea + Local Honey }

Posted on May 05 2016

We are always looking for ways to naturally obtain more energy throughout the day! It is often hard to avoid chemicals, dairy, too much real or fake sugar and other additives when choosing a caffinated beverage.  Over time I have tried sooo many options in addition to my much loved coffee.  These two teas have been my go to when I am bored from the normal coffee paired with coconut or almond milk creamer (Tying to go as dairy free as possible these days)!  I have always enjoyed tea but never felt like I got much of a energy boost like I did with coffee.  Recently I started drinking Runa Organic Guayusa Tea and Double Green Organic Matcha Tea paired with locally farmed Eisele's RAW Honey...I am obsessed with drinking these and tend to run out quickly because they are excellent and filled with natural goodness that benefits my whole body.

Runa Clean Energy tea is naturally packed with caffeine and antioxidants, but lacking bitter taste...guayusa delivers the clean energy you want with the sweet taste you love. Mixed with the local honey is the energy boost I need with all the goodness of being healthy!  Guayusa (gwhy-you-sa) is a native Amazonian super-leaf that gives clean energy by balancing as much caffeine as a cup of coffee with double the antioxidants of leading green tea products.  I order mine through Thrive Market online (Highly recommend their subscription based service).

Double Green Matcha is organic Chinese green leaf tea that is rich in antioxidants. It is also tied to lower risk of heart disease and cancer and lower blood pressure. It neutralizes that the harmful effects of UV rays, radiation and pollution have on your cells. It has a fresh, springtime-grassy flavor.  It also pairs perfectly with local raw honey and gives a big energy boost!  I purchase this tea at stores like Whole Foods, Fresh Thyme or even on Amazon.

Eisele's Raw Honey is simply the BEST honey you will EVER taste!!!  Truly!  It is as pure as can be...from the hive directly to the extractor...keeping all of its health benefits intact!  Raw honey is a good source of antioxidants, anti-fungal + antibacterial, heals wounds, helps to prevent from uv radiation, assists in digestive issues, soothes sore throats, if filled with helpful enzymes and minerals and many more nutrients that aid in protecting the body! Local honey is also helpful in combatting seasonal allergies! This specific raw honey is locally farmed in Westfield, IN which is just down the road from us.  You can purchase online or also buy at local Whole Foods stores.

We hope you enjoy our healthy tip for some natural stamina!   - Stefanie

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  • Gigi: May 25, 2016

    Love your recipes. Keep ’em coming!

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