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{ 8 things I would tell the "Bride-to-be" }

Posted on May 25 2016

It was a hot Wednesday afternoon in August 2014 when he got down on one knee and said those 4 words that instantly take your breath away and overwhelm you with complete JOY.  It wasn't a hard question to answer.  Of course, I said YES!  

The following week I literally can't remember.  A friend actually gave me great advice that day that I am SERIOUSLY regretting I didn't take.  My first piece of advice for you...document all the moments of your engagement, the details you know you won't remember, and those memories made that you never want to forget.  It is the sweetest time and looking back on it is so special. 

It didn't take much time for me to jump head over heels into full wedding planning mode. I had 9 months..which seems like tons of time, but let me tell you, it went INSANELY fast leading up to our big day on 5.15.15!

You can view some of our favorite beautiful images on Stefanie + her husband, Brock's wedding photography blog post here!  Our dear friends { And now business partners } gifted us with memories that will last a lifetime! 

Today I am sharing my top 8 take aways of all things wedding planning! I'm no expert, but these are the things I was SO glad I did!

1.  Hiring a Wedding Planner is a MUST: First of all, it is never too early to plan! The days leading up to your wedding go so quickly, and many of the decisions need to be decided well ahead of time!  I'm biased but I think I had the world's best planner.  She helped me form a plan, gave me tasks, weekly goals, checked in with me, and executed the day perfectly. It was so nice to know everything was taken care of on that day while i enjoyed time with my bridal party at the venue! {  I would love to pass along my planner if you are local and looking! }

2.  Consult Pinterest, Don't Obsess: Pinterest was an excellent guide for me to refer to when I was setting up a plan. It was also extremely overwhelming at times when I saw pictures of things I didn't even know I needed beforehand.  Sort of like going to target looking for milk and leaving with a purse, shoes, a movie, a candle, a couch... oh, and no milk!   All that to say, its not bad to come up with new ideas as you browse but keep in mind those new ideas cost money! Be choosey with what you really want, create a strategic plan, and decide on what to leave behind. 

3. Cupcakes Over Cake:  I mean, really, what's the difference in taste?! Cupcakes worked out so well for us.  No cutting involved, which means no need to drag your extended family over to take an hour away from the reception to cut cake!  We displayed the cupcakes on a table and left it open for people to come up and grab one!  Super easy and minimal effort!  Not all tradition is lost in this scenario, we had a small cake made for the two of us so we still got our cake smash to the face photo! 

5. DIY as much as possible! Making pieces of decor yourself can be a lot more cost effective than purchasing at the store!  I even made a party out of it! I had a group of close girlfriends come over and we spent the evening making decor for the wedding! It was special to have my friends help out, and also cheaper!  

4. Set a budget:  I created a rough budget early on, and after purchasing my dress, the budget was forced to be reevaluated!   Weddings get expensive VERY fast! It's important to make a list early on of all finances involved in the wedding. Decide on what you want to splurge more on, and where you can cut back.   

6. Remember its YOUR day! Relax. Breathe. Remember this is your day, the day you have been planning for months and now it is HERE!   There will likely be many opinions of others on the way the day should go, but keep in mind you are the one who gets to make the decisions! In some situations, compromise will just make sense.   If your family desperately wishes you to do something special that you may not be your first choice, it will mean the world to them that you honored that!  

7. Go with the Wedding Video: We made a somewhat last minute decision to hire a videographer to capture our wedding and reception.  It was worth every penny, and allowed us to see ourselves on that day and show friends and family who missed the weddings! It will be a sweet memory to watch each passing year, and to show our kids in the future!  It is a video I will forever treasure!


8. The Most Important Thing: The most important thing in this ENTIRE process is that you are marrying the man you will never leave.  Through all of life's ups and downs, you never quit each other. It's not bad to want your day to be special, but all the days that will follow your wedding day are infinitely more important.  Read books on marriage, pray, and ask the hard questions.  


I know time can be filled with many stressful moments, so I hope you found these tips helpful! Soak up every ounce of this season, and remember that marriage is sweeter than your wedding day.  

- Lindsay


{ Photos captured by SB Childs Photography - Stefanie + Brock Childs }



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